LIDAR drone scanning services

We offer ground measurements, accurate, fast and at an advantageous price, with laser scanner lidar airborne on the drone. The LIDAR technique can be seen in the next clip.

Laser technology and precision

Following the flyover with the high performance drone Predator 1115 equipped with LIDAR, we offer dense 3D point cloud (xyz) and orthophotoplan (.tif). The resulting materials are imported into Autocad, Global Maper or other professional software, for vectorization, filtering and subsequent measurements of surfaces and volumes.

Measurements of electrical networks-utilities

The distance between the high voltage lines and vegetation or constructions, the arrow of the lines and the spacing of the wires, all can be highlighted by laser measurements with airborne lidar.

Forestry-agriculture measurements

LIDAR allows the determination of tree-by-tree wood mass, tree / plant height, positioning and density. It also provides soil data in 3D format: erosion, landslides, slope.

section through the field
Pointcloud section with points below the vegetation with real elevation

LIDAR measurement features:

  • benefit LIDAR is the penetration of vegetation and the determination of the real quota, with good precision and contours.
  • Absolute accuracy xyz + -5 cm 
  • Points in the WGS84 polar coordinate system or designed in a local reference system;
  • 3D dot cloud format .las classified: Ground, vegetation, buildings;
  • Cloud point density better than 200 points / square meter;
  • Coloration in natural colors of point clouds;
  • DEM (digital elevation model) and DSM (digital surface model);
  • Orthophotoplan .tif to GSD 3 cm (optional);
  • Autodesk Civil 3D compatible files: .csv .tif .xyz .las .laz .dwg, georeferenced;

Experience in drone topographic measurements since 2014 with hundreds of active works

pointcloud lidar
15 hectares of cloud colored points by height
pointcloud lidar
Pointcloud lidar colored in natural colors - 15 ha.